My Talking Tom

Arcade “My Talking Tom” from the studio Outfit 7 Limited – a direct descendant of the legendary “Tamagotchi”, popular for some ten years ago. This is the 14th game in the Talking Tom & Friends series. Since its inception in 2014, the app has been downloaded by more than a billion users, and no one has yet succeeded in breaking this record.

Scenario for the game “My Talking Tom”

My Talking Tom is created in 3D. In the application, the player will have to raise a homeless kitten, which, according to legend, is a foundling, which explains its appearance out of the box at the very beginning. Like a real cat, this pet (which can be given any name of the player’s choice and changed at any time) has needs for sleep, hygiene, food and entertainment. The level of needs is indicated by special icons with a percentage indicator at the bottom of the screen. Fortunately, it is impossible to “kill” a cat, in contrast to the same “Tamagotchi”, ignoring his needs: he simply becomes lethargic and refuses to play.

Game features

The game pleases users with its own “chips”:

  • The pet can repeat phrases no longer than 25 seconds, spoken at a distance of up to 10 meters from the device. The voice is distorted.
  • The player can customize absolutely everything – the pet’s clothes, the interior of his home and the appearance of the cat.
  • Some of the wardrobe items have growth acceleration multipliers, which allows you to grow your pet faster.
  • Potions that can be used to satisfy needs are purchased with in-game currency.
  • The application has an integrated portal with mini-games. There are 13 of them in total, and each is radically different from the rest.
  • The cat can be stroked, in response to which he will rather rumble, as well as beat, which will displease the pet.
  • The player can go to visit other cats to search for chests with gifts.


The game will be interesting for children from 5 to 10 years old, although many adults do not mind playing it. The disadvantages with a slight stretch can be attributed to the fact that “My Talking Tom” is a free application with the ability to donate, so the application periodically displays ads to the user. Basically, this is an advertisement for other interesting games. High-quality dynamic videos, as a rule, do not cause irritation.

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