Smart Glasses That Replace Phones Are Perhaps The Most Popular Technology Trend

Many smart glasses are equipped with cameras and microphones that enable high-quality video images, which can be a valuable training tool in many industries. Glasses on the lens allow digital data to overlap the real world, increase real-world activities with directions or other useful information for the wearer. Many cheap models on this list are fun devices that allow you to listen to music or receive phone notifications from stylish sunglasses. The Blade has a full-color DLP display on the right lens, which uses Waveguide optics technology to transfer digital graphics to the real world. The transparent display allows you to see both at the same time as tracking the main movements that respond to your movements for an increased reality experience.

Using the augmented reality with smart glasses is like “Knowledge of organs” – Information will appear to the wearer in a way that simulates the occurrence of thoughts or memories. In smart glasses factory fact, it seems that all major technology industries are working on a more realistic platform. Facebook recently launched a platform for more reality at its own developer conference.

And the speakers built in your arms above your ears are of high quality and very powerful. Perhaps the most striking thing about prohibitions is that it is not AR glasses, does not have all kinds of extra reality functions. In general, it’s just Ray-Ban glasses with a built-in Bluetooth headset and a camera that can be controlled by sound. Technical players have learned that smart glass for the regular market should be a normal and not too prominent fashion.

This experience can be achieved through an optical display, Augmented Reality technology mounting head or through Heads Up Display glasses . The IHS analysis company predicts that the supply of intelligent glasses could increase from 50,000 units in 2012 to 6.6 million units in 2016. BI Intelligence of Business Insider expects to sell 21 million copies of Google Glass annually by 2018.

They are very happy to put all the technology in and compile a prototype to show off at CES, but otherwise they depend on others to take the final steps to make things. Drive fire technology is not inherently expensive, so smart glasses for consumers made with them should be comparable to other intelligent glasses systems. Today, most AR devices look bulky, and applications such as navigation, real-time travel guides and recordings can empty intelligent glass batteries in about 1-4 hours. Battery life can improve by using a low current display system that carries batteries elsewhere in the body .